"Oakley Dispatch: The Movie" – 12 Months On the Road With the Oakley Surf Team


From the pristine shores of Hawaii to the perfect pointbreaks at Jeffrey’s Bay to slabbing barrels in Java, Indonesia and more, “Oakley Dispatch: The Movie” takes viewers on the road for 12 months with the Oakley Surf Team. Based on the acclaimed Oakley Dispatch Surf Webisode series, the movie features never-before-seen footage guaranteed to make viewers pick up their boards and flock to the beaches.

The cast of surfing stars includes Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz, Jordy Smith, Adam Melling, Bruce Irons, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson and Adriano de Souza, among others, showcasing their full repertoire of surfing talent, the real-life dynamics among the crew and inviting viewers to experience first-hand, the exhilaration of living the pro surfing dream.

The movie can be viewed and downloaded (for FREE!) at oakley.com/dispatchmovie.

The movie is filmed and edited by Lachlan McKinnon, in association with 1242 Productions.

“Oakley Dispatch: The Movie” Teaser