X GAMES: 20 medals for Oakley & Shaun White wins 6th consecutive gold in Superpipe!

Torstein Horgmo-WX17-Snowboard Big Air Final

“It’s a great feeling being here with so many talented riders and such amazing fans, it makes the competitions fun,” said Shaun. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused and more in tune with what I’m doing physically as well as mentally. Six years, that’s pretty heavy. It’s going to be more uncomfortable next year when I’m going for the seventh. I like it; it’s a pretty humbling title to hold. I’m proud!”

Shaun’s first run in the Superpipe Final included a Backside Method, a Frontside Double Cork 1080, a Cab Double Cork 1080, a Frontside 540, a Backside Double McTwist 1260, and an Ally-Oop Backside Rodeo. The run scored 95.00 to earn him the lead.

For his second run (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eksn8bqj4Fo), he began with a Backside Method that reached an incredible 24’1". He followed it with the same tricks as his first run but finished with a Frontside Double Cork 1260, achieving a score of 98.00.

After the 3rd-run efforts by the other riders, Shaun’s 98.00 remained the highest score, and he earned his sixth consecutive SuperPipe gold at the Winter X Games.

When asked about his Oakley goggles with Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology, he commented, “Each year, progression gets pushed harder and farther, so it’s a good thing technology is keeping up. The light and weather were all over the place this week. Having the right lenses for changing conditions made all the difference.”

Curious what equipment Shaun used? For the 2013 Winter X Games, the snowboarding superstar chose the Airbrake in two frame finishes: Red Future Primitive (which comes with a Fire Iridium® lens and a Dark Grey lens), and Grey Future Primitive (which comes with an H.I. Persimmon lens and a Dark Grey lens). These new frame renditions will be released later this year.

The closest thing to a challenge for White came from an 8th grader from Japan. Ayumu Hirano, though just 14 and in his first X Games, laid down a run so smooth with airs so big that the snowboarding and action sports communities certainly will take notice. Ayumu launched his 116 pound frame more than 19 feet out of the pipe linking stylish and smooth front and cab 1080s into front and back 900s before unleashing his lone double cork to join Oakley teammate and superpipe veteran, Shaun White, on the podium in second place.

In the snowboard big air, Oakley athletes Torstein Horgmo, Mark McMorris and Stale Sandbech had the podium all to themselves. More X Games news of the Oakley Snowboard team here. (link http://www.oakley.com/sports/snowboard/posts/3899)

In Freeskiing Henrik Harlaut earned his second medal of Winter X 17 taking silver in men’s ski slopestyle. He finished his third run with a nose butter double cork 1260 – a trick he showcased the night before during the ski big air contest – which enabled him to bump James Woods into third and take the silver medal with a 92.66 to James’ 92.00.

Simon Dumont was freshly back from injury and managed to score a third place in the Ski Superpipe. More detailed X Games new from the Oakley Freeski team here.