Mike "Hucker" Clark Wins Best Dirt Jumper at NORA Cup Awards

2012 Ride BMX NORA Cup Red Carpet

Mike “Hucker” Clark is as talented as he is unpredictable. It’s part of what makes him such a compelling character in the BMX world. It’s that talent, though, that draws the attention of fans and fellow riders. It’s also the reason why this past Thursday he was awarded the Number One Dirt Jumper of the Year at Ride BMX’s 16th Annual NORA Cup Awards held in Las Vegas.

Here’s how Ride puts Hucker’s talent and personality in perspective: “There’s tricks and there’s trails, and Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark lands somewhere in the middle. Able to ride the biggest sets in the country one weekend and throw a double flip at a contest the next, Hucker is the rider that the others stop what [they are] doing and just watch. He may do one of the most dipped threes in BMX, some sort of wild moto-inspired flip, or just wad it all up and laugh off the entire day. Either way, Hucker is undeniably the Number One Dirt Jumper of the year.”

Congrats, Hucker! We know you’ll continue to dismiss practicality and the status quo for years to come.

In case you couldn’t be at the ceremony, here are some of the highlights from the raucous evening:


Chasen Marshall


September 24, 2012