Over the Moon: Young Surf Ripper Matt Banting Claims Pro Junior and 6-Star Victory at Inaugural Australian Open of Surfing


Matt Banting is over the moon. He said it himself.

Oakley’s young surf team standout dazzled the massive crowds on his home turf at the first-ever Inaugural Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach late February, claiming victory in the Pro Junior Division over Tim Macdonald, then emerging triumphant in the 6-Star Contest just a day later.

“I’m over the moon right now!” Matt said, rocking his Oakley gear after the Pro Junior win. “I’ve been trying to win an ASP Pro Junior Series event for the last two years, I’m so happy! Tim (Macdonald) rips, just to be in a heat like that with him means a lot because we’re good mates. I just want to see how well I can do in the ASP 6-Star finals tomorrow.”

He definitely ‘did well.’ Dream contest well, in fact.

Less than a day after the Aussie dominated the Junior field with a near-perfect 19.33 out of a possible 20, he charged in head-first to battle with some of the top surfers on the planet in the 6-Star contest with tens of thousands of spectators lining the water for the final day of competition.

Following an impressive battle in the water – lined with power turns and huge airs – Matt eventually crushed Evan Geiselman in the final to claim $25,000 in prize money, the glorious title and a solid 3,500 ASP World Tour ratings points.

“This has been the best week of my life!” he continued following his 6-star triumph. “I’m so happy, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had! I’m shaking so much I can hardly talk. Evan (Gieselman) is a really good surfer, he was blowing up for the whole final, I was really scared. I was just lucky to start off well with a couple of good waves. I just want to thank my Dad and Mum for supporting me, I love them!”

It’s safe to say that this ripper just had his official breakout party…big time.

Congratulations to Matt for the absolutely epic pair of victories at the Aussie Open!


Andrew De Lara


March 07, 2012

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