History in the Making: Heath Frisby Lands First Frontflip on a Snowmobile

WX16-Snowmobile Best Trick-Heath Frisby-1.29.12

Aspen had been abuzz all week with rumors that Heath Frisby was planning to launch a frontflip during the Snowmobile Best Trick contest, but when Justin Hoyer crashed on his first run during a double backflip attempt suffering injuries to his right arm and leg, spectators wondered if Heath would go through with his plans.

The speculation proved senseless however, as Heath remained determined saying, “I’ve been waiting a year to do this. I am my own deal. This is a totally different trick and I’m ready."

With that, Heath took his position before the custom ramp and before onlookers could even process what they’d just witnessed, he’d successfully landed the first-ever frontflip on a snowmobile in competition – and on his very first attempt!

The other competitors stormed the course tackling Heath in a congratulatory dog pile. For the run he earned a near perfect score of 96.66, which would stand-up throughout the contest to earn Heath his second Winter X Games Snowmobile Best Trick gold medal. He now has a total of seven Winter X Games medals.

“This has been everything to me,” Heath said, moments after landing the frontflip. “My whole family, everybody, all my friends have been behind me through all this. I know my grandma is watching — she must have gotten a little chill there. Grandpa, I love you, man. We got it. We got it!”

When asked how he was able to refocus after seeing the horrific crash right before his run, Heath said, “No one can explain the feeling athletes get. When we go out there it is the worst feeling in your stomach, in your head, everything, and I just knew that I had to stay focused. I knew that I trained for this and I knew what to do.”

Completing the final podium was Colten Moore in second who received an 89.66 for his tsunami Indian flip and Joe Parsons who received an 88.00 for his no-footed can-can backflip.

Overall it was a great event with standout performances from all of the competitors, but there was no denying Heath the much-deserved spotlight for his incredible accomplishment. Congratulations Heath!


Elishia Matta


January 30, 2012