Snowboarder X: Dominique Maltais Dominates Track For First Winter X Games Gold, Maelle Ricker Rounds Out Podium


Dominique Maltais needs no motor (and no wheels for that matter) to dominate a track.

Oakley’s Canadian Snowboard speed demon left the rest of the Snowboarder X field in her dust…errr, snow spray…all afternoon on Saturday to claim her first Winter X Games Gold Meal. She finished the race – holding a lead of more than 1.5 seconds.

“I am really happy,” Dominique said, rocking her Oakley snow goggles. “I was really looking forward to winning this year. I have been racing really well on the World Cup circuit and I was being positive about this competition. I didn’t look back until the end of the race and I was really surprised when I saw that I was so far in front. I was really happy to win and it was a good race.”

Fellow Oakley racer and Olympian, Maelle Ricker, grabbed the final podium spot with a solid run of her own.

All-in-all, it was an action-packed contest, reminiscent of Oakley’s heritage in Motocross – complete with the on-track “carnage”…minus the bike and motor.

Congratulations to Dominique and Maelle!


Andrew De Lara


January 29, 2012