“Super Tubos”: Star Surf Team Charger Adriano de Souza Claims Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Rip Curl Pro Portugal

The place is called Supertubos.

A fully proper name for a place where Oakley Star Surf Team Ripper Adriano de Souza would find glory in five-to-seven foot barrels en route to victory at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal in Peniche. The Brazilian took out Kelly Slater before a packed beach at one of the premiere beach breaks on the Planet.

Coming out the gates on fire in the Final – pitted against the legendary Slater – Adriano threw down for an impressive 9-point ride, getting shacked in a long, deep barrel.

Slater wouldn’t come close – catching underwhelming waves in the last half of the heat.

“It is a great moment in my life,” Adriano said, rocking his Oakley wetsuit, apparel and eyewear. “Kelly is the best surfer in the world. God sent me good advices and I’m really happy. It was amazing and I can’t describe what I feel. I came to Peniche 10 days before everyone. For me, it’s my best event so far and this one will be in my memory forever.”

His road to the top was as challenging as ever.

The third quarterfinal saw Adriano take on Michel Bourez – engaging in a blow-for-blow battle – escaping with a narrow 17.60 to 17.53 win. He then cruised to a comfortable win over Bebe Durbidge in the semifinal, 13.83 to 12.03.

“I’ve had great fun during the last two weeks here in Portugal,” he continued – flanked by scores of admiring fans. “I surfed more than any one (in the Top 34) so I think all that hard work helped me win this contest.”

Congrats to Adriano for the huge win in a truly vibrant Portuguese surf scene!


Andrew De Lara


October 19, 2011

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