Bronzed: Ryan Sheckler Claims Skateboard Street Bronze at X Games 17


Ryan Sheckler wasn’t quite in top form this past week at X Games 17.

But Oakley’s skate team superstar displayed his natural talent in grabbing the Skateboard Street Bronze amidst fierce competition from the young phenoms on the course.

Ryan’s full runs didn’t materialize the way he’d hoped, with the only complete planned run ending with a long, solid rail grind.

“It’s a lot of skating, especially with how hot it is outside,” Ryan said, rocking his Oakley Frogskins. “We skate outside all day, so it really shouldn’t be an issue, but with all that adrenaline going, trying to nail every trick, it’s tough.”

The overwhelming barrage from Nyjah Huston and Brazilian Luan Oliveria was too much to overcome for the defending Gold Medalist. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining day with a raucous crowd behind Ryan every step of the way.

“I really liked that little center section, that unfinished concrete section,” Ryan said of the artistically demolished centerpiece on the course – resembling construction work in the city. “The whole course was fun, definitely challenging to skate.”


Andrew De Lara


July 30, 2011

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