Street Domination: Milton Martinez Grabs Skateboard Street Gold at X Games Asia


X Games Asia has been on fire as of late.

And it got even hotter this year, with Oakley’s Argentinean Skate Team Star Milton Martinez bringing the heat to the Skateboard Street contest. The South American ripper grabbed the Gold with a dazzling freestyle Nose Blunt Transfer along with a crowd-rocking overall run.

“I feel great about the win,” Milton said, rockin’ O apparel. “I was really psyched-up by having my family here, my mom, my dad, and two brothers.”

A lively Chinese crowd at Jiangwan Stadium watched as he topped a talent-packed field, which included fellow Oakley Team Rider Tyler Hendley – along with names like Mohammad Feroze Bin Abdul Rahman, Austin Seahol and eventual runner-up Tomas Vintr.

Five riders busted their way to the final battle. The lineup included Tetsuharu Sai, Vintr, Martinez, Tulio de Oliveira and Austin Seaholm.

Facing stiff resistance from Vintr in the final stretch, Martinez chose the perfect moment to peak. Putting his skills and talent in full display with successive moves, combined with consistency and speed, he went on to edge his challenger out to victory.

Peep this video of his run!


Andrew De Lara


May 05, 2011

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