Oakley Earns A Third Medal In Women’s Snowboard Superpipe

Gretchen Bleiler at Euro Winter X Games 2011

Once again mother nature wreaked havoc on the days events postponing men’s snowboard slopestyle elimination round to tomorrow and pushing back all of the contests by several hours. By the time women’s snowboard superpipe finals started it was still puking snow from above with the addition of a wonderfully strong wind. To say conditions were not ideal would be an understatement, especially considering the riders have been bragging all week that this is one of the best superpipes they have ever ridden.

Gretchen Bleiler went down in practice attempting a 900 and fell hard enough to break her helmet. She still sent it in the finals, but wasn’t able to complete a run. In the end the competition came down to Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Queralt Castellet, who finished first, second and third, respectively.

In the end Kelly Clark would reign supreme in a year that she completely dominated in women’s superpipe contests. But not to be up staged the pint sized Q from Spain delivered the goods for the big O, by taking home our third medal at this years games.

Look for more results and photos from France tomorrow.


Matt Murray


March 17, 2011

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