Raging Into France: Oakley Team Rippers Dropping Into Winter X Games Europe, March 16-18


It’s Europe’s turn.

Just more than a month after an absolutely insane Winter X Games 15 in Aspen, Oakley’s power packed roster of shredders is dropping into Tignes, France for Winter X Games Europe March 16-18.

With defending Gold Medalists to emerging young leaders in their respective sports, Team Oakley is bringing in a mix of veterans and young guns to the scene. And like 2010’s games, they’ll have a house to call their own to amp up for the action.

The Oakley Safehouse will be open for business to serve as the hub for O’s roster – a place for our athletes to recharge and focus on the task at hand: Dominance at the last major contest of this Winter season.

Major Coverage
If you’re in the United States, you’ll have no excuse not to catch O riders in action from Europe. ESPN2 and ESPN 360 online will be feeding some extensive coverage into your living room, lap top, etc.

Wednesday, March 16:
1-2:30 p.m. ESPN2 Ski SuperPipe Men’s Final*

Thursday, March 17:
12- 2 p.m. ESPN2 Snowboard Slopestyle Men’s Elimination
2- 3 p.m. ESPN2 Ski Slopestlye Men’s Final
3- 4 p.m. ESPN2 Snowboard SuperPipe Women’s Final
9- 11 p.m. ESPN Snowboard SuperPipe Men’s Elimination

Friday, March 18
12- 1 p.m. ESPN2 Snowboard Slopestyle Women’s Final
1- 2:45 p.m. ESPN2 Snowboard Slopestyle Men’s Final
2:45- 3:45 p.m. ESPN2 Ski SuperPipe Women’s Final
3:45- 4 p.m. ESPN2 Medal Ceremonies
9- 10:30 p.m. ESPN Snowboard SuperPipe Men’s Final
10:30- 11:00 p.m. ESPN Medal Ceremonies

Oakley Rippers to Watch

Snowboard SuperPipe
There’ll be plenty of O’s in the SuperPipe field. That’s always a given. But there are a few names to really keep your eye on. And no, this isn’t the whole team.

*Stale Sandbech – Oakley’s Global Team is always pushing the envelope, progressing the sport in so many ways. It’s only fitting that the tip of the O arrow this year is the crowned “heir apparent” of Norwegian Snowboarding Royalty: youngster Stale Sandbech. He’s one of those youngins poised to serve as the future of the sport…especially in Europe.

*Matt Ladley

*Gretchen Bleiler – You already know this Olympic Gold Medalist. As the face of Oakley’s Women Campaigns (like Perform Beautifully), she’s set to throw down…in her trademark style both in appearance and riding.

*Queralt Castellet – Fresh off a solid performance at Winter X 15, this feisty Spaniard girl is set to charge. Don’t let her small stature fool you. This girl can rip.

*Ursina Haller

Snowboard SlopeStyle

*Mark McMorris – What? You haven’t heard of Mark McMorris? You must be living under a rock. This young O Canadian ripper just took the internet by storm…by landing the first-ever Backside Triple Cork 1440…on film. All after an amazing Winter X Games 15. People think he held back the recent US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vermont…to save the aerial insanity for Tignes. Expect an explosion.

*Gjermund Braaten – The young Norwegian who shreds. All you need to know about him is in his updated Oakley profile (Don’t miss this. Pure comedy): Gjermund Braaten on Oakley.com

*Jenny Jones – This British bomber only dominated the field at last year’s Winter X Games Europe. That’s all. She’s set to destroy this year’s slope too.

Ski SuperPipe

*Simon Dumont – Simon is a beast. If you don’t know this, know it now. On the heels of a tantalizing medal performance at Winter X Games in both Big Air and SuperPipe, you know Simon is going hunting in France.

*Byron Wells and Jossi Wells – These two Kiwis (New Zealand Natives) are always a force to be reckoned with in the Pipe. They’re sure to go hard in Europe.

*Virginie Faivre – She’s from Switzerland (not far from France). Which means she’s on her home turf. And she’s one bad arse rider.

Ski Slopestyle

*Alex Schlopy – If there’s one freeskier that you should be paying attention to, this is him. Fresh off an enormous Big Air victory at Winter X Games as a rookie, this hard charging youngster also made history in many levels by taking home the hardware at the FIS World Championships this season – dazzling spectators and the IOC (Olympic Committee) to make a case for the event’s inclusion in the Winter Olympics. Sufficed to say, this kid is a budding star. And he’s sure to make some major noise in Tignes.

*Jossi Wells

*Jacob Wester – He’s European (Swedish). And he’s one of the illest riders around. Which means, he’s set for a killer showing at Winter X Europe.

*Kaya Turski – The defending SlopeStyle Gold Medalist from last year’s Winter X Europe and Winter X Games 15 this year is looking to extend her dominant streak overseas. She kills it – should be no different in France!

Remember, that’s not even the whole team. The bottom line is, don’t miss Winter X Games Europe this year. The O’s will be plentiful and easily spotted from your very screen. Whether its your computer monitor or a flat screen plasma TV, Oakley will be everywhere…especially the podiums and on the ESPN broadcasts.

More Broadcast Info From ESPN:
For Winter X Games Europe 2011, ESPN and ESPN2 will combine for more than 13 live and tape-delayed hours of coverage in the U.S., while ESPN3.com will provide 18 hours of live coverage. ESPN will collaborate with CANAL + Networks to show the Winter X Games in France and French-speaking territories live (or on-delay). Additionally, Winter X Games Europe will be broadcast live and on-delay on ESPN UK and Ireland and on ESPN networks in Australia, Brazil, Africa, Israel, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America. Highlights of the Games will be broadcast in Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia. Times and events listed are Eastern Time (ET) and are subject to change. Events marked with a * are shown live; all others are shown on tape delay. Please consult your local listings.