Winter X Games 15 - Oakley Photo Gallery

Sammy Carlson Winter X 15

Oakley once again owned the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Check out the photo gallery to your right to view some of the best images showcasing our team.

In total Oakley took home 20 medals – 10 Gold / 5 Silver / 5 Bronze – see the breakdown below.

1. Men’s Skier X: Chris Del Bosco Silver
2. Snowmobile Best Trick: Daniel Bodin Gold
3. Snowmobile Best Trick: Heath Frisby Bronze
4. Men’s SNB Slopestyle: Sebastien Toutant Gold
5. Men’s SNB Slopestyle: Mark McMorris Silver
6. Mono Skier X: Josh Dueck Gold
7. Women’s Slopestyle Skiing: Kaya Turski Gold
8. Women’s Slopestyle Skiing: Grete Eliassen Bronze
9. Freestyle Snowmobile: Daniel Bodin Gold
10. SNB Big Air: Torstein Horgmo Gold
11. SNB Big Air: Seb Toots Silver
12. Snowmobile Speed & Style: Heath Frisby Silver
13. Snowmobile Speed & Style: Cory Davis Bronze
14. Men’s Ski Superpipe: Simon Dumont Bronze
15. SNB Men’s boardercross: Nick Baumgartner Gold
16. Ski Men’s Slopestyle: Sammy Carlson Gold
17. Ski Men’s Big Air: Alex Schlopy Gold
18. Ski Men’s Big Air: Sammy Carlson Bronze
19. SNB Women’s Slopestyle: Jenny Jones Silver
20. SNB Men’s Superpipe: Shaun White Gold