Rookie Power: Youngster Alex Schlopy Goes Big, Lands Skiing Big Air Gold Before Record Crowd at Winter X 15



A record Winter X Games crowd…and each and every one of those on hand was electrified by the enormous runs busted out by Oakley ski ripper Alex Schlopy, whose top score of 92 landed him the Ski Big Air Gold in his first-ever appearance at Winter X.

His killer switch double cork 14 and a double cork 16, tricks he’d never done before Winter X 15, proved to be unbeatable – taking out last year’s Gold Medalist Bobby Brown.

“I can’t believe this,” Alex said, rocking his Oakley gear and goggles. “I came in thinking I was just going to go as big as possible. I just wanted to put on a great show at the X Games. That’s what it’s all about.”

With the win, Alex carried on the family tradition shredding on skis. His mom, Holly Flanders, is a two-time Olympian and three-time World Cup downhill winner.

Oakley’s Sammy Carlson, who nabbed the Slopestyle Gold earlier in the day, had some huge runs of his own. But the trick he was considering for the contest – a triple flip – didn’t materialize, leaving him with the Bronze in Big Air.

“Bobby and I have both stomped triples before, but they were on much bigger jumps,” Sammy said. “I was warming up for it, but I kept slipping on the takeoff. It was icy out, so I couldn’t get a solid set.”

Nonetheless, a huge night for the Oakley Ski Team in front of an insane crowd!