Pumped: Sammy Carlson Emerges with First Skiing Slopestyle Gold at Winter X 15


Sammy Carlson knew that the Skiing Slopestyle Final on Saturday would be more than challenging with new faces charging and elevating the standard.

But Oakley’s Star Skier more than stepped up to the plate, throwing down a rail section 270 joystick grab, kangaroo flip, double rodeo 900, double flat 900 and a double cork 1080 in his first run to secure his first Gold in the event.

“I can’t believe it!” Sammy said of his run. “I was so stoked my first run held up. The level of competition is getting so high.”

With the SlopeStyle Gold elusive up to this point, Sammy definitely was appreciative of the big moment.

“This feels amazing,” said an overwhelmed Sammy – who won silver in this event twice. “To win this event is my dream, my one dream in life and I did it. My whole family is here, it’s just amazing.”

Watch it below!


Andrew De Lara


January 30, 2011

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