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Eric Koston Signature Series Frogskins LX - Night Camo/Dark Grey (OO2043-13)

Eric Koston

Action Sports

Where does one begin with Eric Koston? Koston will go down as one of the all-time greats in skateboarding. Since turning pro in 1993, he has seemingly done it all; from X-Games medals to being recognized as one of the best street skaters around, and to this day, he still continues to leave an impact in skateboarding. Always known for being an innovator and influencer within the skateboard community, Koston continues to grow the culture with his online powerhouse,, in part...

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  • Mopping Up: Torstein Horgmo Nabs 2010 TWS Site ‘Trick of the Year,’ Top 10 Most Watched Videos List Honors


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    It’s safe to say that Torstein Horgmo O-wned 2010. The Norwegian Oakley shredder made some major noise on Transworld Snowboarding’s Top 10 Most Viewed Videos of 2010 list – as well as claimed honors for the site’s ‘#1 Trick of the Year’ – displaying his ever-increasing popularity with Snowboard fans everywhere and his pioneer status in the sport. He’s stoked…and so are we, of course. Scope the two videos that nailed two spots on the list.

  • H.O.R.S.E? More like B.I.K.E: Luke Parslow Throws Down in his Backyard


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    You know the game of H.O.R.S.E. Well take that, detonate it, and be introduced to the game of B.I.K.E. – a two-wheel variant of the game (usually filled with Basketball trick shots) where BMX’ers try to outdo each other with some weird tricks, funky new maneuvers and huge bangers. Oakley Team Rider Luke Parslow recently invited a couple of his buddies to his backyard for a goofy session on his third jump. And Transworld BMX was there to capture most of it on film. Check it!

  • Rider Vision: Pep Fujas’ Half Day Session at Alta


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    For Pep Fujas, it doesn’t get much better than some pow…minus the crowds. Exhibit A: One of his recent seshes with Wiley Miller at Alta. Complete with a rider cam. Check it.

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