Women's Wakeboarding Game-Changer: Introducing the "Sets In Motion" Movie


It began as an idea. A pipe dream, really. Three years after her first conversations about an all-women’s video project, wakeboarding superstar Amber Wing’s dream has materialized. And it’s more than she imagined: she spread the word to her fellow athletes and they bought in, a 10-episode web series followed, and now a full-length, all-women wakeboard film is a reality.

“I wanted to create a platform and a project for the girls that’s going to be timeless and online and for everyone to see forever,” Wing explained. “It was an idea, in a way, for me to push the girls and motivate them to progress their riding harder than what they’ve ever done in the past.”

Mission accomplished.

Now, for the first time, the women have something that is entirely theirs. It’s provided a platform on which the best women in the business and some who hadn’t yet had the platform on which to shine, could collectively advance the level of riding previously seen in the sport.

Back in July, six of the stars of Sets In Motion made their way out to a cable park outside Denver, Colo. for a weekend of riding, instructing and the world premiere of the film. Hardcore wakeboarding enthusiasts came from all over the state to ride and learn from the pros and see the highly-anticipated film.

“It was a incredible weekend with all the girls and all the energy from the young people and fans who came out,” Wing said. “This project was something I’ve spent so many hours working on and thinking about, so to see it come to life has been an incredible feeling.”

Now, the film is going out to the masses. Anyone who wants it, need only click a link and take notes. It’s free for all to see, from now until forever. Just as Amber wanted. And women’s wakeboarding is better for it.

Check out and enjoy the “Sets In Motion” Movie at www.setsinmotionfilm.com.

Oakley would like to congratulate all of the girls for their contributions to this truly game-changing project.