"Sets In Motion": Game-Changing New Women's Wakeboard Series Aims to Progress and Promote the Sport


Back in 2010, after she’d had a stunning season – which included becoming the first female to land a 900 – then-wakeboard team manager Matty Swanson posed the question, “What’s next?” Amber Wing wanted to do a film project. That conversation was the genesis of “Sets In Motion,” a new, game-changing women’s wakeboard series.

“Women in wakeboarding don’t get asked to film or aren’t included in any filming projects, and there’s maybe 3 or 4 guys ones every year, so I wanted to create a platform and a project for the girls that’s going to be timeless and online and for everyone to see forever,” explained Amber Wing, the reigning Queen of Wake who in January became the first female to land a double flip. “It gives the girls something to work towards, and not just be riding for contests, because its different riding for contests than free-riding. It was an idea, in a way, for me to push the girls and motivate them to progress their riding harder than what they’ve been doing or had to push towards in the past.”

The project isn’t to promote any one brand or any one athlete – it’s meant to showcase the best that these world-class female athletes have to offer. The outcome, as you will see, is an all-female, multi-media project, filmed at locations around the globe, with the best women’s wakeboarders exceeding even their own limits – both on and off the water.

As she mentioned, Amber’s goal is to inspire the women to be better, and in turn, inspire future generations of female wakeboarders.

“My end goal is to lift the bar on awareness of women’s wakeboarding,” Amber said. “All these girls go out and ride, and I’m riding with them, and I see how awesome they are at wakeboarding and the tricks that they can throw down, but you don’t see those tricks in competition, they never make it on film and no one ever knows about it. This project is meant to lift the bar of women’s wakeboarding in the eyes of the world for them to see how legit the girls really are and what they really can do.”

The first episode (which can be viewed below), lays out Amber’s thinking behind the project, laced with tons of action to get the viewer pumped for the first actual episode, which will release on April 8th. Various brands and media outlets are involved in putting the episodes together, but the project is produced entirely by 1242 Productions.

The teaser and ten episodes (and maybe more) will be leading up to a full-length online feature film, which will premiere in Dallas, Texas in late July in conjunction with a wakeboard-focused Oakley Progression Sessions weekend.

And now, the debut of "Sets in Motion. (You can find the entire episode schedule below the video player.)

Webisode 1 – “A Women’s Wake Film” (Intro) – March 25
Webisode 2 – “Radar Lake” (by Ronix Wakeboards) – April 8
Webisode 3 – “UK” (by IWake.com) – April 22
Webisode 4 – “UK, Cont’d.” (by IWake.com) – May 6
Webisode 5 – “Australia” (by Oakley) – May 20
Webisode 6 – “Malibu Team” – June 3
Webisode 7 – “Wakeskate at Battle Falls” (by Breathe Boardwear) – June 10
Webisode 8 – “Oakley Girls” – June 24
Webisode 9 – “Liquid Force Team” – July 1
Webisode 10 – “Orlando” – July 8
Webisode 11 – “Premiere/OPS” – July 22

You can follow all the updates around the series on the “Sets In Motion” Facebook page.


Chasen Marshall


March 25, 2013