Australian Pro Wakeboard Tour: Stop 1


Mulwala, AUSTRALIA (Friday – Saturday, Jan. 5 & 6, 2007)

The women on the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding held qualifiers on Friday, and saw nine rider’s battle for six spots in the finals. The man made lake, was protected from the gusty winds and housed a step up flat bar, a kinked rail and wall ride. Amber Wing threw it down in Semifinals, standing up on two passes and making the finals.

Here are the highlights from the Finals:

Barret Pearlman was first off the dock and hit a massive Indy tantrum, then had a few dramas battling the wind and pulled in a solid score.

Hayley Smith stomped her toeside 540 then gave the wall ride a little love and finished with solid raley.

Caity Blaauw opened with big tantrum and stomped her melon 360.

Cathy Williams stomped her backside 360 and put together a solid overall pass.

Sunni Ann started with a massive Indy tantrum followed by a nice Indy toeside backroll and finished it off with an Indy backside 180.

Amber Wing took off last from the dock, and started off by schooling the step up flat bar, followed by some wallride love. Which pulled her into the second pass with the wind picking up producing tons of spray in her eyes making it difficult to see. But Amber weathered through the storm to hit the step up rail again on the way back and finished her run with toeside 540 to whirly.

Amber was really pumped on her first win and stated, "I am stoked to start the tour on such a good note. The other girls have really stepped it up from last year, which gets me pumped. I am really excited about the rest of the tour."

1st Amber Wing AUS
2nd Sunni Ann Ball CAN
3rd Hayley Smith AUS


Staff Writer


January 28, 2007