“Dropping the Hammer:” O’s Lindsey Vonn Grabs Super G Victory at Lake Louise World Cup


Tally one more Lake Louise win.

Oakley’s Gold Medal Ski Star Lindsey Vonn smashed her way back to the top this past weekend, grabbing a resounding Super G win over German rival Maria Riesch and Julia Mancuso. The FIS World Cup event is no stranger to Lindsey, who’s racked up 14 podium finishes and eight wins at the contest over the past six years.

And after bagging one this weekend, sufficed to say, she’s pumped.

“Today I dropped the hammer a little bit more and believed in myself,” said Lindsey, who barely escaped a crash on Saturday. “For me the bottom line is never giving up.”

She (1:20.72) owned the field by nearly a second – displaying top form on a weekend that wasn’t quite as dominating as expected.

Many in the media expected a Vonn sweep through all of her events, but the downhill events proved to be a bit of a pain for her at Lake Louise this year. Lindsey finished as the runner-up in both downhills.

“It was a little bit painful to lose, twice, this weekend by a small 10th of a second. But if I can’t win the downhill …’’

She more than made up for it with the Super G win, however.

“I skied with aggression and passion and had a great inspection and really nailed the line. I’m extremely happy with the win.”

Full Results
Audi Alpine FIS World Cup
Lake Louise, ALB
December 5, 2010
Super G

1. Lindsey Vonn, Vail, CO, 1:20.72
2. Maria Riesch, Germany, 1:21.55
3. Julia Mancuso, Squaw Valley, CA, 1:21.61
4. Anna Fenninger, Austria, 1:21.83
5. Andrea Fischbacher, Austria, 1:22.34
20. Stacey Cook, Mammoth, CA, 1:23.78h
21. Laurenne Ross, Klamath Falls, OR, 1:23.79
22. Alice McKennis, Glenwood Springs, CO, 1:23.83
23. Leanne Smith, Conway, NH, 1:23.84
31. Chelsea Marshall, Pittsfield, VT, 1:24.51
34. Julia Ford, Plymouth, NH, 1:24.82


Andrew De Lara


December 06, 2010

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