Kaya Turski owns women’s slopestyle. (Not in a literal manner – she didn’t purchase any trademarks or courses.) If there’s an event and Kaya is entered, the likelihood is that she’ll be standing atop the podium at event’s end. Look at her resume: six consecutive X Games golds, five Winter Dew Tour wins, AFP championships and more. Kaya’s name has become synonymous with victory in the discipline. Maybe it’s fairer to say that Kaya’s just synonymous with success. She’s been winning athletic titles since her early inline skating days.

Ever since the 2008 New Zealand Open, the 24-year-old Canadian has been nearly untouchable in slope. Her determination and her skillset set her apart. She’s the first woman to land a switch 1080 and has polished rail skills, and though friendly and goofy away from competition, she turns fierce when the lights are on. It’s part of her mystique in some ways. She’s quiet, serious and focused when it comes to competing because, for Kaya, competing comes first. Being social comes second.

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Q & A

  1. When did you start skiing?

    Late 2005/early 2006

  2. Years as a professional:

    I have been professional since 2007.

  3. Who/what inspires you?

    People who strive to be the best and push the sport to its limits.

  4. If you were not a pro skier you would be?

    Not to sure. Maybe a sports med doctor, or a strengthening coach/physio.

  5. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your thump?

    Best Rapper alive-Lil Wayne Blueprint 2-Jay-Z Comfort-Lil Wayne Allure-Jay-Z and Biggie Dirty Ice Cream-Lady Gaga Self Destruction-Lil Wayne I like it rough-Lady Gaga

  6. What is more important to you than skiing?

    My family and friends' well being.

  7. Do you have any other special talents?

    When I was a kid I did a lot of art, like fimo figurines and necklaces and other stuff. I like to do a lot of different things like crochet, fimo, and sew.

  8. To me Oakley is:

    The leading brand in style and practicality in snow and lifestyle eyewear, and it is one big happy family!

  9. Favorite:

    Bands: Weezy Films: The Usual Suspects Books: I don't have a favorite book, but I just read a great book called "Still Alice." TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, Sopranos Drink: Home tea, Pepsi, Water

  10. What move/trick/goal are you working on?

    In the near future, I would like to get some switch unnaty’s dialed and also work on some switch cork and flat 5’s. More long term for the season, I want to do my best in comps but also work really hard and produce a sick segment of my own.

  11. 5 items I can't live without:

    Skis, Macbook, iphone, car, visa

  12. If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

    Rafael Nadal

  13. Party Animal or Mellow TV on the couch?

    Depends when you catch me.

  14. How do you see yourself? Are you rebellious? Quiet? Weird? Why?

    It depends on my mood. For the most part, when you first meet me most people would call me quiet. I’m pretty opinionated. I’m also pretty driven and when I get something in my head I go for it!

  15. What are the things that inspire you?

    The success that athletes like Sarah Burke and Tanner Hall have had.

  16. What is the greatest lesson you have ever learned?

    You can do anything you put your mind to if you work hard enough.

  17. What is the greatest thing you have taught somebody else?

    Hopefully the same as above.

  18. What are the greatest hurdles you have had to overcome in life?

    Not being able to ski for pretty much 2 years. Definitely experienced a lot of lows during that time but coming back and skiing made it all worth it.

  19. What are your most fond childhood memories?

    Camping every year for a month at a time and skating every weekend.

  20. What makes you different than other girls or just unique?

    I like showing off my bruises, haha! We used to have uniforms in high school and I would flaunt my big bruises from the skatepark.. oh man. Not different from the Uniquely crew at Oakley but in general the fact that I like extreme sports separates me from most girls. I’m really motivated and want to push myself to the limits.

  21. What are you passionate about and why?

    I’m passionate about women’s skiing and feel very strongly about the respect we deserve. Makes me want to ski harder every day.

  22. What interests do you have other than skiing and why?

    I like to chill at home with my friends. I enjoy shopping, hanging out, relaxing because my life is on the go for a big part of the year. I like to work out, trampoline and rollerblade because it’s fun (at least the last two) and keeps me in shape for skiing.

  23. Favorite must-have beauty products

    Aveda shampoo and conditioner, Clinique mascara when I wear mascara, Chapstick

  24. What are your travel essentials:

    Cosmetics/hygiene products, computer, ipod, a good book, blanket from home, visa (if all is lost at least you’ve got the plastic!)

  25. What book are you reading right now?

    Real Estate Investment for Dummies (lol) and The Brethren

  26. Favorite place to vacation:

    Hot hot places!

  27. You never leave the house without...

    My phone! Though I have done it before and it can be quite refreshing.

  28. Who would you play in a movie?

    Scarlet Johansen obviously….!

  29. Secret celebrity crush:

    Rafael Nadal

  30. What do you dislike about yourself?

    Quietness/shyness because sometimes comes off as arrogance, I hate that. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself when I don’t succeed in what I wanted to do.

  31. What words or phrase do you most overuse?

    Dude, ummm, stoked!

  32. What is the quality you most like in the opposite sex?

    Determination, motivation

  33. What do you most value in your friends?

    Unconditional love, honesty

Kaya Turski


Date of Birth:
May 3, 1988
Montreal, Canada
Oakley, Red Bull, Nike, Head, Freestyle Ski Acrobatique, B2ten, Swix
trampolining, snowboarding, shopping, rollerblading, editing, crafty stuff like making hats, chillin with my friends, family and cats.

Career Highlights

    • 2014: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle – Aspen, CO
    • 2013: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle – Tignes, France
    • 2013: Silver Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
    • 2012: 1st, Dew Tour Slopestyle - Breckenridge, CO
    • 2012: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
    • 2012: 1st Overall, Dew Tour Season Standings Slopestyle
    • 2011: Gold Medal, Euro X Games Slopestyle
    • 2011: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
    • 2011: 1st, AFP World Championships Slopestyle
    • 2011: 2nd, World Championships Slopestyle
    • 2011: 2nd, Nine Queens Big Air
    • 2011: 1st, AFP Slopestyle World Champion
    • 2010 1st, Homecoming Invitational – Slopestyle
    • 2011: 2nd, AFP World Championships Big Air
    • 2011: 2nd Overall, Nine Queens
    • 2011: 1st, Dew Tour Slopestyle - Snow Basin
    • 2010: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle
    • 2010: 1st, European X-Games Slopestyle
    • 2010: 3rd, European Open Rail Jam