Eero & Hadar Visit Headquarters


When it comes to describing Eero Ettala one word comes to mind – “Fun.” Eero embodies the true definition of fun and making sure everyone around him is doing the same. Prime example being this season, most did not know this, but Eero tore his ACL just three days before arriving for Winter X in Aspen, CO. And not once did Eero complain about the pain or how this injury would hamper his chances in the contest or the remainder of the filming season he needed to produce for MDP. Instead he showed up each day to the hill smiling and goofing off on the slopes with his buddies and anyone around him. After receiving the royal treatment tour of O Headquarters courtesy of Joses, the king of all tours at Oakley, Eero summed up his tour by stating, “Hell, I am coming back here more often. I had no idea this places was so cool.”

Laura Hadar is one tough cookie, but when you take her off the snow and her skateboard she really is just like most young women her age. Laura is committed to being different, while making a point to express why. Which makes her a great addition to the Oakley Women’s Uniquely Campaign. Women’s Sports Marketing Manager, Liesl Holtz showed Laura around the building and hooked her up with the “Super Hot” White Supreme Frogskins on her way out of the building.

Before leaving Laura and Eero hammed it up for me so I could capture a few funny photos for your enjoyment – check them out below.

In addition, check out Eero’s one on one video interview – by clicking here. Also, look for more from both of these rippers this summer as they comeback again to experience more love at the O.