Laura Hadar Wins at Bear Mountain


This past weekend, Bear Mountain, CA hosted the 2nd annual Hot Dawgs & Handrails event featuring an exceptional playing field of rails and blown snow with a tent village that doubled in size from last year. Over 4,000 eager snow fans battled hay, dust, and people to get an early view of what the season has to bring from the finest in the world. JP Walker and Eddie Wall were on hand to “test out” the course before the comp and judge the talent. Oakley was on hand with over 1,000 posters of JP Walker and Community Project which were snatched up quickly by an eager crowd.

The contest was jam format with riders like Leanne Pelosi and Laurie Currier, battling for the win but in the end, everyone knew who the champ was, they just didn’t know if she should only take the women’s category but the men’s as well. At the end of the day, Dingo presented Laura Hadar with her reigning 1st place title as well as a good chunk of cash. Mack Dawg’s film ‘From__, with love’ premiered after the ceremony, as a huge outdoor crowd watched Oakley riders JP Walker, Heikki Sorsa, Phillipo Krater, Aaron Bittner and Eero Ettala gave it their all. Welcome to winter in fall!


Staff Writer


September 17, 2005

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