Tracking Eero Stars Take On NY Media

Crew w/ Matt Bean and Senator John McCain

Eero Ettala, Eiki Helgason and Jake Blauvelt dropped into the media mecca that is New York City a few short days before Halloween to premiere “Tracking Eero” the multi-media project. Crashing at the Thompson LES was the ideal location for the crew, one mile from the Red Bull Space (premiere location) and easy access to the subway for the all mid-town media stops.

After a fabulous buffet breakfast at Shang in the Thompson LES, the crew assembled to jump on the V Train and head to Men’s Health on 3rd Avenue. Senior Editor, Matt Bean showed the boys around the office and after a few funny run-ins with other editors a great conversation / interview took place for 45 minutes. It was really good for the team to talk to a non-endemic media Senior Editor and see what the rest of the world is wanting to learn. Before we headed to ESPN Rise Magazine, Bean took a photo with the crew and Senator John McCain (check the photo).

A short stroll to ESPN The Magazine’s offices on 34th Street we were greeted by Lifestyle Editor, Jay Corbin of ESPN Rise Magazine. Posting up in the famous “E: 60” room, Jay interviewed the crew on the show, riding, tips, his experiences, products and more. To say Jay is a character is quite the understatement – if you are ever in NYC check out his DJ skills on Saturday nights.

The ESPN Rise interview session rolled right into lunch at “The Company” (boutique pizza joint) with ESPN’s Michael Orenstein. Pizza was insanely good and everyone shared stories about this past season’s shredding. From there the crew broke up to build out the displays for the party and visit Mark Borden, Senior Editor at Fast Company Magazine.

Mr. Borden is an “A-Class” writer, responsible for many award winning pieces, but most recently putting an athlete on the cover of Fast Company with Shaun White this past summer. Fast Company is based out of 7 World Trade Center on the 29th Floor, an absolutely breathtaking view of downtown New York City. Eero and Eiki were blown away by the view and enjoyed the location’s environment.

The boys wrapped up the day with a skate session with Jenner Richards of Red Bull in Brooklyn, NY. After the skate session the whole crew grabbed dinner at “Lusso’s” in SoHo with Timbo Baggins of to do an exclusive interview. Look for the exclusive interview, photos and video clips to drop soon on in the next week.

From dinner the crew rolled into the Red Bull Space and a crowd of screaming fans waiting for the world premiere to drop.


Matt Murray


October 29, 2009

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