Avalanches, River Jumps and Paragliders in Austria


As the season slows down for Eero and crew, it was time to hit up Europe for hopefully a few solid weeks of filming some sick jumps. The crew meet up in Munich and rolled to Solden, Austria in some badass Audi wagons. The drive was mellow, only taking two hours, including a McD’s stop for Eero.

Once Eero and his crew arrived in Solden they were greeted by Friday Productions, who had already been at the mountain getting the first jump dialed in. The crew was stoked to see Eero, as it had been a few weeks since there last filming trip, in BC.

The entire crew was twelve people deep (three riders and eight filmers / photographers) when we took the first tram ride up Solden to begin our photo shoot. Solden’s jump was built towards the top of the mountain in an avalanche area, so it required a little bit of work getting all of the gear there. In the end the Solden crew was very helpful in getting Marius’ paragliding gear up to the jump to set up.

Within a few short hours, Erik Botner from Norway was throwing down some sick tricks off the massive jump. The jump itself was huge with a gap the size of almost two snowcats wide. The landing was about 80 feet wide with a nice pitched landing, but the jump itself needed some sculpting.

We could only ride the jump until about 1pm because of high avalanche danger, so by 11am the jump was full on ready. Eero proceeded to destroy that jump by throwing down backside 900, backside rodeos, backside 180s… you name it he was killing it. Erik Botner was matching him with some sick tricks of his own including “banger” (as Erik calls them) frontside tricks.

The session was over by mid afternoon and we headed back into town for some food. Knowing that jump had provided Eero with all the tricks he felt he could perform off of it we came up with a Plan B in Solden.

Next up was finding a new jump… the crew decided to take matters into there own hands and built a sick river gap jump that was over 55 feet to clear. The result was an insane photo and filming session just about 15 minutes outside of Solden. The paragliding shots from this shoot are epic and will make for some great television.

Most of this shoot will stay under raps for the TV show and media in the coming months, but check out a sneak peak of a few shots in the photo gallery of this post.

By day four it was time to leave Solden and head to Laax for hopefully another jump shoot and some pipe action, as Kazu and Charles Reid are flying into Zurich to meet us.

Check back shortly for stories and photos from Laax.