Bob and Friends


Last Friday skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist invited fifty friends over to his 12-acre farm north of San Diego on Friday afternoon for a good ’ol fashion barbeque—Burnquist style of course, which meant burgers and Lays were swapped out for veggie lasagna, fruit and Acai.

Perfect weather and good vibes prompted Burnquist to put on a one-man demo in the skateboard fantasyland Burnquist, Jen O’Brien and daughter Lotus call home. Whether it’s a fantasy or a nightmare depends on how well you skate, of course, as the playland includes a 360-foot long, 75-foot high Mega Ramp, a 50-foot gap and a 30-foot quarterpipe (in which Burnquist roughly clocks in at 30 mph).

Fuel TV, a few filmers, the Oakley crew and bunch of surf groms were just some of the guests. “I’d rather surf the biggest waves in Hawaii than even try to skate this thing,” said one grom as he looked at the beast of a ramp.

The shindig was supposed to empty out around 4, but most stuck around to watch a determined Burnquist land a TK.

Even the most desensitized of the skate industry were stoked to see Burquist flying overhead and to witness a massive 540 go down. Though Burnquist never ceases to impress spectators, most people were there to hang out with the easy-going guy whose positive outlook on life seems to be contagious.