2006 Summer X Games


How many of you are wondering what is going on with the X Games? 1080’s, Superman back flips, skateboard front flips and wakeboarding all going down on the parking lot of Home Depot Center. The 12th Summer X Games in LA have come to a close and Oakley is celebrating one of it’s most successful global reaching events in the brands history! From Live TV, Pay per View, ESPN, Expn.com podcast, web stories, ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2, Oakley athletes were exposed to almost 200 million homes in 8 languages.

Congratulations to the athletes and Sports Marketing Managers for stepping up to the challenge and spreading the Oakley message around the world.

Our goal for the X Games this year was to create an on site presence in the festival area and expose our brand to almost 100,000 spectators over 4 days. By adding this element to our already amazing team and event results, this booth became a focal point for athletes, celebrities, media and consumers alike.

To start the week, Oakley, Blender and Amp’d mobile hosted the official kickoff party at Element in Hollywood. It could have been a scene out of Mission Impossible 4. “How do I get into a party that I have RSVP’d for and work for the presenting sponsor, Oakley?” The lines were packed and going in all directions in front of the club, it was madness. Once inside our guests were treated to an athlete only VIP section in the main club, while DJ Vice created an amazing atmosphere for all. Tara Reid and Kristin Cavalleri heated up the media wall on the red carpet, Head Automatica opened the night with a blazing set of rock and roll and after a short break, the crowd was totally surprised when the Ying Yang Twins and ringleader Lil Jon took the stage to back up their boy Pit Bull as the main act. They immediately put a hurt on the sound system. The ladies were all over the dance floor grooving to the beats with the athletes, VIP’s and Oakley friends and family. It is now official, Oakley is the best kickoff and Wednesday night event organizer in the business.

At the X-Games, that started on Thursday August 3rd, the branding set up was a 10 × 20 booth on site at the X Fest. With the mega ramp, wake pool and artist stage views from our tent, our presence on site was awesome. A total of 7,000 athlete posters were handed out, 2,500 eyewear catalogues and almost 1,000 of those posters were signed by Bob Burnquist, Ryan Sheckler, Josh Harrington, Alistair Whitton, Keith Lyman and Andrew Adkison.

A new event surprised the crowds this year as Oakley built the Wake Pool right in the middle of the action, in Home Depot Center’s parking lot. With temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees, the pool was a great opportunity for athletes to cool off and get away from the grueling schedule.

The medals started racking up during the vert competitions with Sandro Diaz taking gold – with what most will agree was a flawless run – while Bob Burnquist skated away with the silver medal. Shaun White couldn’t achieve what he wanted to do, but the fans didn’t mind because they were behind this fan favorite 110 percent. The vert competition paved the way for street action, Ryan Sheckler rocked the course like a hurricane and took silver. He proved to be a true champion even while taking on such an impressive lineup of skate superstars. The night came upon us and it was time for Vert Best Trick, with the burning question of, “Will Shaun White land the 1080 and absolutely raise the bar of skateboarding!” Unfortunately it was not achieved, but I have a strong feeling that magic will go down next year. As time ran down, Bob pulled a tailslide 270 revert that ultimately landed him on the podium again taking the bronze medal for best trick vert.

The following day, Sheckler got a chance to promote his new signature sunglass, Twitch at the Oakley booth autograph signing. The last day of the games saw the Mega-Jump competition, which obviously drew a mega-crowd for this spectacular sight. Burnquist designed a special pair of gloves for Oakley that offered much needed protection for the hands due to the potential for sliding down this massive structure. The athletes, even non-Oakley riders, knew that these were a necessity and jumped on the Oakley glove bandwagon. Bob was riding in Sheckler’s Twitch sunglasses, which helped him out in a major way because of the High Definition Optics® (HDO®) found in these sick shades. Our man Bob was found on the podium yet again, taking a bronze medal in the Mega-Jump.

In wake of a potential boycott of the women’s street skate event due to a very unfair allocation of prize money compared to the men, local Huntington Beach girl Lauren Perkins was calm, focused and had a win on her mind. Her style was smooth, technical and consistent, sticking a variety of tricks including the frontside heel slide, frontside 180 and frontside 50/50. That was enough to land her a silver medal this year and a deserved cash purse, which made history for the women at Summer X.

On the Motocross front, newly signed Blake “Bilko” Williamson keeps Oakley on the podium for FMX Best Trick Friday night pulling off the first ever cliff hanger flip in a contest bringing home the bronze while wearing red Oakley Crowbar’s. In Supermoto, the icon himself Jeff Ward wearing white Oakley Crowbar’s pulls off an amazing hour race with a quick pit stop to come out on top, walking away with the gold medal. Mike Mason holds it down for the Nor Cal boys in Moto X Freestyle putting together an insane and flawless run with jaw dropping tricks and newly inventive flip combinations. Mike using green stretch Oakley Crowbar goggles to clinch his very first X Games medal brings home the Bronze.