Julian Wilson Wins The Mission


The young new-school talent of Julian Wilson prevailed in the third edition of The O’Neill Mission. The edited video he put together of his highlights of the week to be judged, featured endless aerials, 360s, and even included a new-school rap soundtrack.

“I’m so blown away right now,” Julian said. “It’s been such a good week. We have made the best out of all the conditions we faced in France. He was voted the winner by his fellow surfers, including the likes of Cory Lopez, Jarrad Howse and Michel Bourez.

“I’ve been looking up to these guys since I was young,” Julian said. “I was just so excited to be invited to spend the week surfing with them.” Julian Wilson was also voted the winner of the Amph Progression Award by his peers, winning 2,000 Euros for his relentless energy pushing the boundaries of tricks in the surf.


Staff Writer


May 27, 2008