• Oakley Snow Rippers Shine at the 6th Annual “The Meeting” in Aspen


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Matt Murray

    It’s that time of year again, when the ski and snowboard industries gets together to showcase the past season’s top highlights in the form of numerous mind-blowing films and workshop seminars. This year Aspen Ski Co held “The Meeting” at the Limelight Lodge in downtown Aspen. Oakley was well represented with both Pep Fujas and Seth Morrison paying a visit, signing Oakley branded posters and representing both the films they were in “Light The Wick” and “Revolver”. In addition both Pep and Seth were in town filming some segments for Seth’s upcoming documentary film releasing this time next year. In total Oakley had riders in nine of the films, here is a quick breakdown on each.

  • Three Days With Jake and Nico At Chatter Creek

    Nico Checks The Drop In Line And Jake Approves

    Posted oltre 4 anni ago by Matty Swanson

    Lodge Life at Chatter Creek was really settling into a groove as the last guests of the season were sent off in a helicopter. And shortly after that the final media crew of the season cancelled, which meant Oakley Snowboarding had three completely private days riding in a zone with over 58,000 acres of terrain ahead of them. And Jake and Nico took full advantage of that opportunity, plus the camera crews had smiles from ear to ear following them on the hill.

  • Lodge Life At Chatter Creek, BC

    Nicolas And Crew Soak Up The Sun

    Posted oltre 4 anni ago by Matty Swanson

    Within our Oakley group of 10 only 1 had been to Chatter Creek before and the perception of what lodge life could be was unanswered. Until we stepped out of a helicopter to arrive at a lodge so big you can’t fit it all into the frame of a single photo.

Jake Blauvelt



Date of Birth:
August 22, 1986
Waterbury, Vt.
Oakley, Adidas footwear, Ride snowboards
Soccer, Skateboarding, Biking, Fishing, Yoga

Career Highlights

    • 2013: Released his Signature Film, "Jake Blauvelt: Naturally"
    • 2011: TWS Webisode Series: "Jake Blauvelt Naturally"
    • 2011: TWS Online Video Part of the Year Winner
    • 2010: Fuel TV Series: "Blauvelt's Backcountry"
    • 2007: 9.4 Meter Air Oakley Arctic Challenge
    • 2004: 1st, U.S Open Slopetyle
    • 2004: Best Trick, Abominable Snowjam Q-pipe
    • Video Part in Defective Films "Derelictica"
    • Video Part in Absinthe Films "Nowhere"
    • Straight-up Back Country Slayer and Style Master