The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo

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The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo enters its second season with seven new episodes on FUEL TV. Follow two-time Olympic medalist and snow icon Danny Kass and zero-time Olympic medalist and snow personality The Dingo as they head back to chaos, featuring a destroyed RV, run-ins with the law, a new Grenade team video and skate team, plus a lot of hurt feelings and bruised egos.



Danny Kass
Two-time Olympic medalist Danny Kass is a snowboarding god. Aside from tearing up competitions this laid back snow icon and co-Grenade owner is on constant pursuit of pure mayhem.One…

The Dingo
I suppose we could tell you his real name but The Dingo just seems more appropriate. This Australian’s skills includes wearing way too much flair, and being Danny’s trusty sidekick.

Tom Erik Ryen
Tom Erik Ryen (Tom Tom), never let chilling weather bum out a skate mission in his home country of Norway. Now he’s enjoying the high life in West Hollywood.

Lil Jon
Straight out of the Dirty South rap mogul Lil Jon knows how to have a good time. Look for the King of Crunk to be hooking up with the Danny and the Dingo crew to help track down the …


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November 04, 2009