Education + Hospitality = Good Times


Oakley has always provided great hospitality and a fun presence for our top accounts and fan base at the X Games, and 2008 would be no different. From the Oakley / New Era Summer X Games “Kick-Off” Party on Wednesday night to the suites at Staples Center and Home Depot to the Rolling O Lab set up all the bases were touched in this home run of a Summer X Games.

Opening night at the Staples Center was the first night of two in the Oakley suite behind the Quarterpipe of the Big Air set-up. Food, drinks and just good overall fun were the theme of the night with Oakley celebrities mixing in with Oakley athletes to witness Bob Burnquist’s insane battle with Big Air Legend Danny Way. Bob would pull out all the stops to repeat as Champion of Summer X Games Big Air, which brought down the house in the Oakley suite.

Friday would provide the same madness in BMX Big Air and FMX Step Up, which would provide Oakley with another Gold Medal win. This time it would be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time), Ricky Carmichael taking down fellow Oakley eyewear athlete Ronnie Renner in a classic battle of height supremacy.

Saturday and Sunday the Oakley suite would move to the Home Depot Center, where beer, foot long hot dogs, and more Oakley Gold Medal wins would play host to our top accounts, family, friends and athletes. Big ups to Liam Barrett for keeping everyone stoked and shuttled in and out of the suites.

Additionally, all weekend long the Rolling O Lab was stationed behind the Vert Ramp and received more on air coverage from ABC and ESPN then any other brand’s presence. A shout out needs to go to Ryan Evert and his crew for getting the Rolling O Lab in such a fantastic location. Over the course of the four-day event, thousands of kids and parents were educated on Oakley’s superior optics.

It all peaked on Saturday when the 2008 Street Skate Gold Medalist, Ryan Sheckler showed up for his poster signing. Things got pushed back a little with Ryan needing to take a much-needed break after his dramatic win from the day before. But that did not stop the Sheckler fans who started to form a line at 1pm and by the time Sheckler showed up at 4pm over 400 people had formed a line down to the Superpark arena.

In little over an hour Ryan would sign over 500 posters, ball caps, tee shirts, body parts and more for every fan that stood in line. Sheckler was an absolute professional taking photos and thanking all of his fans for there support.

So, not only did Oakley earn more medals at the 2008 Summer X Games then ever before, but we also dominated with our presence, education and hospitality to all our family, friends, fans and athletes.