Back 3: Skate Superstar Ryan Sheckler Grabs X Games Street Silver


For Ryan Sheckler, it’s always good to share the podium with the homies.

And although Oakley’s Superstar didn’t pick up the X Games Skateboard Street Gold this year, he at least took second behind one worthy champ: P-Rod.

“I was just happy to land my run,” Ryan said, rocking his Oakley eyewear. “It just worked out. I really wanted to land that back 3 and I got that, so I’m stoked,” Sheckler said. “I’m very excited to be up here. I haven’t had a podium finish in a minute, so I’m stoked.”

The 2010 Gold winner put down one killer final run in a ‘hail mary’ of sorts, throwing a kickflip over the roof gap, a tweaked frontside air over the hip, a bluntside, backside tailslide, frontside rail transfer and a backside 360 ollie off the dinosaur sculpture.

The impressive outing was enough for a solid Silver finish after spending some time off the awards stage.

“Switch tre flip, switch everything, flipping his board in and out of everything? Paul’s the most deserving dude to win today, and I’m glad to follow up right behind him,” Sheckler said. “Plan B first and second? I couldn’t ask for anything better. I really needed this, and I feel great.”

Peep Sheckler’s run: