Road to Sochi: Team Oakley Athlete of the Week – Simon Dumont


As many regions brace for the coming of winter, a handful of the world’s elite athletes prepare to compete on sports’ most prestigious global stage. The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us and the remote region of Sochi, Russia is set to host the twenty-second edition of the biggest winter sporting event in the world. As the days until the Open Ceremony count down, we invite you to get to know some of the most passionate, fearless, determined and awe inspiring athletes, some of whom you will undoubtedly see on the podium come February. Each of these athletes strive to compete in Sochi as representatives of their home nations, but are bound together, despite national boundaries, as members of another exclusive team: #TeamOakley.

This week’s Team Oakley Athlete of the week is American freeskier Simon Dumont. Though the 27-year-old Mainer is now an elder statesman of the sport he’s helped progress, he still has the talent and drive to compete with all the young guns in the sport these days. And maybe, just maybe, he’s a bit more motivated than usual because an opportunity to win an Olympic medal doesn’t come around too often, and this is likely his last chance. Back in good health and in phenomenal physical shape (have you seen the videos on his Instagram acccount?!), Dumont has a great shot at adding that coveted medal to his already well-stocked trophy case.

We ran a few questions by Simon to see where his head is as Sochi approaches.

What would it mean to you to be an Olympian, representing your country this winter in Sochi?

It would be the perfect way to end my competitive career. It will also be a different dynamic of competition for me. I have always skied for myself, but to be representing my country would bring an entire new element to the experience and my career.

At what point did you set your sights on becoming an Olympian? When did you realize that goal was realistic?

I don’t know if I ever thought about being an Olympian, but I’ve always wanted to showcase our sport to the largest audience, and it doesn’t get much bigger than the Olympics. I knew that the Olympics were fathomable after snowboarding was included.

What is your favorite Olympic moment (personal or historic)?

When Usain Bolt (Jamaican sprinter) cleaned up in London, or when Michael Phelps (American swimmer) won eight medals in Beijing.

You’ve won pretty much everything there is to win in skiing, but what would it mean to you to add an Olympic medal to your trophy case?

It would be the best way to end my competitive career, and hopefully, it would solidify me as one of the best skiers of all time.

For more on Simon Dumont, check out his Oakley bio.