North Shore: Adam Melling Second in Triple Crown of Surfing

VANS Triple Crown of Surfing - VANS World Cup of Surfing

Adam Melling was just a mere section away from the Triple Crown of Surfing Title.

But the barrel – one of the most impressive seen on the North Shore this season – closed out after his deep ride, keeping the Aussie charger from a sure perfect 10 score at Sunset Beach on Friday. His 11.96 final heat total was topped by John John Florence, who tallied a 17 out of 20.

“I thought for a second I was going to make it,” said Adam, who placed third at the Sunset Beach stop – propelling him to second in the Triple Crown standings. “I got through one hard bit, pumping, there was a bump and then it just dropped out and hit me like a sledgehammer.”

The result puts Adam – rocking his Oakley eyewear and performance apparel/gear – neck-in-neck with Florence in the overall Triple Crown standings as it smashes into the Pipeline Masters event to close out the series.

The success thus far in the Triple Crown, although it won’t count for the already-decided World Title, will ensure a favorable position in next year’s ASP WCT field.

Keep your eye on Melling as he heads into battle at the infamous Banzai Pipeline.