Oakley Spreads Love at Loveland


Oakley brought the storm to Summit County this week, with the biggest dump of the season coinciding with the final stop of the Oakley Revolution Tour, a seven-stop tour spanning five states and two weeks.

The six-member Rolling O Lab team arrived at Loveland Pass Thursday morning to set up for the first of three days of Oakley events in the area. Close to a foot of snow had accumulated overnight and athletes from Oakley’s global ski and snowboard team began trickling in from all over the world. They came for a photo shoot and stayed for the Revolution Tour mayhem.

A huge gathering of retailers had already formed in front of the O Lab before the lifts opened at 9am. More than 400 invitees showed up for a day of education and entertainment, which included a lift ticket to Loveland, a tour of the O Lab, a free pair of custom goggles, a BBQ lunch, an athlete signing and après beverages at the Ratskeller.

The revelations people experienced coming out of the O Lab were obvious. And immediately after the breakthrough educational session, participants were directed to the goggle bar where they were thrilled to create custom eyewear. The unique, colorful goggles everyone was rocking lit up the flat light encompassing Loveland like glowsticks in the night. The poster signing drew everyone from lifties to groms to shop owners for an easy opportunity to get a poster or even your own snowboard signed by a pro rider.

The next day was more of the same, plus another eight inches of powder. Eero Ettala, Sammy Carlson, Seth Morrison, Tanner Hall, Gretchen Bleiler, Kristi Leskinen, Danny Kass, Pep Fujas, Marie-France Roy and other Oakley teammates descended on Loveland, creating the most star-studded day for a Colorado resort that usually stays under the radar.

Colorado ski and snow media, RSN television and the Discovery Channel were parked in front of the 80-foot Oakley set-up all day long, interviewing athletes in between laps. Retailers and media had the chance to mingle with their favorite Oakley riders in an intimate, authentic setting.

The laps only got better as the day wore on—it went from dumping to puking in the matter of an hour. The energy at Loveland was unreal—everyone was shredding powder in new custom goggles with world-class athletes making up the lift line.

As everyone made their way into the Ratskeller for free beer and the base area calmed down, the Swedes took the opportunity to poach the closed lift line stash everyone had been eying all day. They pulled the “I don’t-a speak English” move on Loveland Ski Patrol and managed to escape unscathed.

After packing up the Rolling O and redeeming some tickets at the Ratskeller, it was off to Breckenridge in a full-blown blizzard.