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The Inspired crew had a busy schedule and a stacked bus launching Eric Iberg’s latest masterpiece. A gripping in your face documentary titled “Like a Lion” that covers Tanner Hall’s rise to the top as it happened. Tanner is 16 months out of a serious injury and has been keeping his energy about him by focussing it into the Inspired Media Concepts project. Cali P is equally motivated and with chiqui dubs on the decks and his father bring the percussion, of which he is a true master. During our journey to and from Annecy he was either using something as a drum or sleeping, this is living the music. The crew played a special show in Zurich for OAKLEY V.I.Ps when Tanner dropped the movie, Oakley displayed is amazing range of product testing and development and Cali P gave us just enough to scratch the reggae itch he has installed upon us, as we scramble daily to find some device we can blast “Like A Lion” (Hot Steppa) out of. The following day Cali met up with his band for a really raw rehearsal that was a really up close encounter with the music. Henrik Harlaut, a freeskier from Sweden was really moved by the movie as he got a gripping insight into how to get to the top. Hypermotivated Henrik went onto win the freeskiing at freestyle.ch and stoking out Tanner. Then it was onto Annecy, one of the most beautiful places in the mountains. Cali P tore the roof off le bowl night club and then the party raged until 5am. Then it was time, Like A Lion drops, the response is a deep and sombre mood in the community of people who saw it, taking 15-20 minutes for normal mental activity to again commence. The movie gets to you and leaves you re-evaluating your life’s direction and if you are paying enough attention to those that are important to you.


Greg Strokes


October 08, 2010