Oakley in Austria - Day 7 & 8


This morning our crew had some departures: Matt Harvey, Tanner Hall and filmer Rich Goodwin all left. As Harvey was doing all the previous articles, I’ve been coerced into writing updates. I must admit that I am quite intimidated with the standards Party Harvey has created. Hopefully I’ll be as insightful and humorous as my predecessor.

After the World War 3 of day 6, an armistice was reached in the recent days. It has been cloudy the last three days so no shooting has been going down. We’ve been skiing around checking out potential locations for the future.

Last night we went to a poster signing in a town called Feldkirk. Organized by the local shop Sajas, it went off with a great turnout, seeing around 100+ kids showing up.

From the land of apple strudel and hatorade, over and out, and hopefully my next update will be one about bangers and fresh snow.

By Anthony Boronowski

Oakley in Austria – Day 5 & 6

Once again it’s quiet in the lobby of the Lux Alpinae hotel in St. Anton, Austria. It’s Friday morning, and the usual buzz of skiers, filmers and photographers is missing. The clouds are back and everyone is taking a much-deserved sleep-in after two days of crushing it.

The venue of choice for the past two days was Zürst. If you remember from my last update, we had scouted a bunch of spots and had some jumps and features readied. On Wednesday and Thursday, we visited these spots and absolutely slayed it.

Tanner and Tony have been munching on healthy amounts of insane juice in the morning, stomping all sorts of shenanigans off cliffs.

On Wednesday, the two started out with a massive cliff and threw down BD style. The crowd of rowdy Euro gapers showed their approval with cheers and hollers. After that feature, I spent most of my day shooting with Grete. Team Sweden (Jon and Jacob) were off building another massive jump, and Tanner and Tony scoped some features and shot some lines. We capped the day off with a massive lunch courtesy of Berghaus Stuben in—wouldn’t you know it—Stuben. The place is insane; thanks for the lunch!

Yesterday morning started off with a bang as team TT (Tanner and Tony) stepped to a 30-foot cliff. Tanner got switch five mute (tweaked to Tahiti) and Tony a right-side 7.

We then continued on to Team Sweden’s jump creation and… it didn’t work. Not enough speed. Jon got one shot though (cork 7) and the rest were too small to be legit. World War III broke out for about ten minutes fueled by an ample supply of Hatorade while we figured out what to do next, but the day was done, and we settled with six shots in one day—I’ll take it!

Looking out the window this morning, the clouds are thick and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. I head back to Colorado tonight, so from Team Canada in Austria: prost.

Oakley in Austria – Day 3 & 4

For the first time all week the lounge of the Lux Alpinae hotel in St. Anton has less than seven PowerBook G4s in it. I actually feel slightly uncomfortable about the unfamiliar surroundings.

The reason for this drastic change in nerdiness is anticipation. The weather had been terrible all week, but today the sun broke free of the cloud’s stranglehold and the beauty of the Arlberg region presented itself, reminding us why we had come all the way to Austria to shoot.

Tanner Hall logged the first shot of the trip stomping a 3 over a cat-track gap. While Tanner was shredding the gnar, most of the crew was partaking in a possibly over-ambitious project, building a Chad’s-style jump over a gap. Anthony Boronowski was off on his own, scouting some cliff bands and prepared the takeoffs. The crew also discovered a massive double-stage cliff drop/gap jump that Tanner is claiming at 80 feet.

Needless to say, tomorrow is set to go off. We’re getting up super early to slay everything in sight, hence the abandonment of the nerd room, and the abandonment of this update. Good night!

Oakley in Austria – Day 1 & 2

The Oakley team (including Tanner Hall, Anthony Boronowski, Jon Olsson, Jacob Wester and Grete Eliassen), Freeskier staff photographer Chris O’Connell and I have arrived in St. Anton, Austria, waiting to take over the endless rocky mountains with jumps, lines and deep pow pow. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be waiting a while.

Chris O’Connell, Greg Strokes, Anthony Boronowski and filmer Rich Goodwin arrived yesterday, but were not accompanied by their bags. Left somewhere between Western USA and Austria were skis, clothes and camera equipment. Most of the bags arrived late today, but Anthony’s had clearly been run over by a truck or some other large object you wouldn’t want your ski bag coming in contact with.

From the weather front, no fresh snow has fallen here for a couple of days and currently in hiding with the snow is the sun. Both have apparently decided to take a break from operation.

But of course, we’re in St. Anton, so no snow or sun doesn’t mean bad times. Last night, to prepare for the week ahead of us, we got after the Funky Chicken, a legendary "going out before you go out (for the all-nighter) after going out (for apres ski) after skiing" spot. Like everyone’s luggage the day before, Tanner arrived back at the hotel without his wallet. Anthony arrived back at the hotel with copious amounts of energy and decided to serenade us with his lyrical mastery and harmonica skills until 6am. I arrived back at the hotel with a headache and half my week’s budget spent. Welcome to St. Anton!

The forecast is for snow showers each and every day for the next week. We’re going to get up there early tomorrow and see what we can make happen — no doubt after I spend the other half of my budget getting funky at the Chicken.

By Matt Harvey