Clean Up In AK


Seth Morrison told me this was the best day he has had in AK. He said for years he had looked at all these spine walls but was with the wrong crew to session them. He fits well with our crew and I hope to have many more days like this with him in the future. This is his 10th and final run of the day. Check out to order next year’s movie Under the Influence. Also check out for more epic blogs.

Seth Morrison Report:

This season in Haines has been the best trip of my life. The crew, the guides, the heli pilots, and stable snow. At this point I have been here for a month and have 2 weeks to go. Have ridden with some of the best riders in the world on this mission. Jeremy Jones, Sage Cattabriga-Alsoa, Erik Roner, Jeremy Nobis, Ian McIntosh and Dana Flahr.

This day was in the true sense of chasing the White Rhino as Roner liked to say. We flew out into cloudy conditions in hopes of finding some holes of blue that would hold long enough for us to bang off some lines. As we started to access a zone, the clouds were playing with the ridgelines and blocking the sun and it looked as if our day was coming to a close before it even began. A few runs were skied to check stability of new snow fall, as well as get ride of some bed sores from previous down time. We played around with a few pow shots and one group heads in, thinking the day was over. Sure enough we see a big blue hole to the West. Land and get out wondering what to do. The second load still shooting some stills sees this hole and they go and check it out. The rest of us jump in the cars and move to 33 mile, which is the center of all heli activity up here.

Park, reboot, heli lands, load and go! As we start to fly in we head for the first lines we see, there are people on it. Over the headsets we hear Is that 204? The number of our ship, so of course people know what we are up to. We fly on and are bordered by cloud banks to the South the Canadian border to the West, a new no fly zone and mellow terrain to the north, and the White Rhino West where we came from. Fly over our group #1 that was taking a SAR as we went on recon. Mostly what was seen was places that were more morning light runs, to what ever was in the sun was tracked, people on it, to tech gnar that required much more time than what we had to access stability wise and line selection. We opted to land and bring the group #1 over to discuss what to do.

Donut hole of blue with every freeskier and film crew here in a zone the size of a few large ski resorts. As we debriefed, 2 helis flew over us and we look around at tracks and on coming clouds. The ski area vibe over came me, but we are in AK land of vast and untouched mountains! 3 plans were made, we went for plan A to get some scraps on the first thing we flew by where a group had called our ship out. At this point I was over the emotional roller coaster, but you got to keep your head in the game.

Skied a run while group #1 flew over to see what was left to at least have some fun in the sun. Sure enough there was some lines left over from some people taking free runs. Here are some pics of what I shot and a trail map of the lines Sage put together. Enjoy!


Seth Morrison


April 15, 2008