Seth Morrison's Ripley Creek Blog


This is the first time we have come to Ripley Creek, based out of Stewart, BC Canada. Over the years I have flown over this area on the spring pilgrimage to Alaska. On those flights from Seattle to AK all you see is snow covered peaks the whole way. Stewart is a quiet mining town that is situated near the end of the most southern tip of the Alaskan pan handle. We are here filming with Teton Gravity Research, flying with Last Frontier Heli. Our ski crew consists of Kye Petersen, Sammy Carlson, and Callum Pettit. It’s refreshing to be here, new terrain to play in, another part of the Coast Mountains.

The hardest part has been where and when to film. Being here so early in the season relative to the suns position in the sky limits us to more alpine filming in the morning and late afternoon skiing. Spending our time on Northeast (morning)to Northwest(afternoon) and taking a lunch break to let the sun move and light up the shadowed peaks. We have found many zones in lower elevation ridge lines, protected snow with spine/pillow walls. Since the sun is so low in the sky these sections never see the light of day till April so “unfilmable”. Snow on the alpine runs changes from windblown ridge lines to creamy midsections, then wind skinned lowers. There are many glaciers pouring through out the range, so views are endless. The crew of skiers is great. We all have the same eye for lines and terrain.

Currently we are in a small storm system, hoping for a bit of a snow refresh. Our 3 days out so far have helped us recon the terrain, a big part of being somewhere new. The crew is poised for the next break in the weather. We have a nice zone picked out to ski for the rest of our trip here. New snow has fallen and should be adding up over the next few days. In the mean time we will catch up, get Hyderized, go curling and watch the Olympics. Anybody want to do my laundry?