Seth Morrison Blogs from Haines, AK


More days out and hunting. Many clouds but we have had luck with 2 full days of blue in a row and the rest a game of setting yourself properly in the blue hole pattern of movement. With 9 feet of snow falling in the 3 weeks that we have been here. This trip chalks up as being one of the deepest that I remember. Now it seems some zones are stacking up, but boney factor is still there on others. Lots of off the couch skiing going down as well as lots of snow assessment. Some days we have been staged for lines and then have to pull away in fear of getting locked into the zone by clouds. One group will fly out, while the other waits with the survival bag. Hoping the heli won’t get closed out after a quick crew relocation to safety. Plans always change with the weather. Slowly getting into the zone with all that has happened in the recent weeks. Stay tuned for more, new crew this next 3 weeks, Sage, Dana and Tanner. Check the photo’s for some action of the past 2 weeks.


Seth Morrison


April 07, 2009

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