Oakley Int. Smashes Surfing US Open


Surf city was the playing field, these last weeks of July, for a melting pot of surfers from all over the globe including the worlds best from the World Championship Tour to the World qualifying series battling for the biggest Open Title in the US. Oakley Team Rider athletes including Adriano De Souza (Jr. World Champ) and 2nd WQS standings, David Weare (Currently 3rd WQS) ripped their way to the top of the pyramid and finishing respectively gaining huge momentum to qualify for the ’06 World Tour.

As for Regional athlete standings, Oakley Team Rider athlete Eric Geislman (National ASP Jr. series champion), Patrick & Dane Gudauskas, (Both, National NSSA Champions), Gavin Gillette (Kauai standout) all busted through trial heats and went down swingin’ in the money rounds.

As far as young guns were concerned, 11 year old Oakley Team Rider Kolohe Andino blew minds on the final day of competition, by punting an air 360 reverse in the Life Rolls On Expression session, sticks the landing, and earns himself best overall wave, taking down the Best in the World including Timmy Curran, and Sunny Garcia. Good job to all of our athletes!

Official Standings:

1st, Andy Irons
2nd, Rob Machado
3rd (tie), Adriano De Souza, Mikael Picon
5th (tie), David Weare, Neto Dunga, Adrian Buchan, Travis Logie


Staff Writer


July 21, 2005

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