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November 2012

  • Four of Oakley's Hawaiian Contingent Invited to Prestigious Eddie Aikua Opening Ceremony


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    The world’s finest watermen gathered in a semi-circle on the white sand beach of Waimea Bay, their big boards laid out before them. Behind them, crowds six-deep enclosed the group of 50-plus athletes. The opening ceremony of what is commonly known as “The Eddie” has happened every winter on the North Shore of Oahu since 1984. In that time, however, the event, which has a three-month waiting period, has only run on seven occasions. The Bay calls the day.

  • Sebastian 'Seabass' Zietz Wins at Haleiwa and Qualifies for 2013 ASP World Tour; Takes Triple Crown Lead


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    It was a big weekend for Sebastian Zietz, the three-thumbed surfer from Kauai who is better known as Seabass. His win at Haleiwa at the Reef Hawaiian Pro brought on many firsts: his first major contest win as a professional surfer; his first time leading the Triple Crown of Surfing (with two events to go); and, the biggest first of his young career – his first time qualifying for the ASP World Tour.

  • "Down Under Days" With Rune Glifberg


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    Trading the chilly Scandinavian autumn for Australia’s warmer and sunnier skies, Rune Glifberg spent a few days discovering Sydney’s finest skate bowls. As he transitions from one spot to the next, the legendary bowl rider displays his trademark smooth, flowing style. After more than 25 years in the game, Rune remains one of the best bowl riders in the world.

  • Early Dispatches From the North Shore Oakley House; Triple Crown Season Begins


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    The Great Surfer Migration happens every year. Each winter, the flights are booked, beds and couches reserved, and board quivers prepared. Beginning in early November, masses of surfers and team managers, industry personalities and bikini-wearing hanger-ons arrive to Honolulu International Airport ready for whatever the Seven Mile Miracle along the North Shore of Oahu may present.

  • Behind the Scenes of "The Ordinary Skier," the Award-Winning Movie About Seth Morrison


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    You know the name Seth Morrison and you’ve likely seen the award-winning flick, “The Ordinary Skier,” which is all about his rise from Chicago to freeskier legend-status. But how about what it took to put the movie together? No? Here’s a sneak-peak of what was going on behind the lens from one of the skiers/filmers, Nathan Wallace.

  • New "Oakley Dispatch" Episode: Crew Scores Empty, Slabbing Barrels in Java


    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    “I would imagine it looks like Bali 30 years ago,” said Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Zietz upon arriving in Java. With so much less development, fewer motorbikes, and empty lineups than neighboring Bali, he might be right. In the eighth episode of the Oakley Dispatch Surf Webisode Series, Seabass, Danny Fuller, Dustin Barca and Eric Geiselman join up with Bali-transplant Lee Wilson and some other local talent in a four-day trip to Java, in hopes of discovering and capturing some of that Indo magic surf to themselves.

  • Youth Getting to Work in "Pretty Wise"

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    Posted oltre un anno ago by Chasen Marshall

    Youth is wasted on the young, some say. Well, in “Pretty Wise,” the new film by People Films, it certainly appears like the crop of 11 rising stars (along with three veterans) are effectively putting their early years and blossoming talent to good use. Hitting the city streets from Quebec to Anchorage, the backcountry powder in Whistler and Montana, and then Austria, Mt. Baker, Japan and Mammoth, as well, along the way, the spotlight is shined on faces you’ve certainly seen but maybe not yet been able to identify. Theirs are names and faces you better get to know.