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The online Dedication Wall allows you to honor and celebrate your beloved family and friends affected by cancer.

My Parents and My Children
July 08, 2013

I thank Lance and LIVESTRONG for the HOPE if faced with Cancer again. I lost both of my parents to Cancer and HOPE not to lose any other family or friends to Cancer.

- Angelo Perez from Florida USA

Everyone who has lost someone
September 13, 2012

I have recently been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and have had one of my testicles removed. I send my prayers to everyone who had dealt with this.

- Branden from Murfreesboro, TN

G. Murtaza Bajwa
July 19, 2012

AbbaJ, you were the only grandparent I grew up with. You started battling prostate cancer before I was born and put up an awesome fight for 20 years. I love and miss you.

- Ahmed – Grandson from Herrin, IL

Gordon C. Piercy
July 09, 2012

Dad, you fought prostate cancer for 17 years without ever giving up – you have showed me how strong one can be. I love you so much and we all miss you so much. RIP

- Zack – Son from Coupeville, WA

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