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Oakley True Digital

High Performance High-Wrap Lenses. Oakley True Digital™ lenses are uniquely designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts who demand the best vision possible in high-wrap frames.

Oakley True Digital™ Technology

Traditional lenses in high-wrap frames frequently cause the wearer’s peripheral vision to blur and distort. Naturally, such shortcomings just don’t fly for cyclists, runners, and motorsports enthusiasts and the other world-class Oakley athletes who rely on their peripheral vision to maintain competitive advantage. Oakley engineered TrueDigital lens technology specifically to address these issues, and the results are:

  • Sharper peripheral vision
  • Eliminated distortions
  • Exceptional visual clarity
  • Vastly improved optics without compromised style

Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology™

Optimizes peripheral vision in high-wrap frames by uniquely tuning and digitally joining two lens zones:

Balanced binocular vision for better recognition of larger images.

Minimization of unwanted astigmatism for better motion detection.

The Perfect Complement to Oakley High-wrap Frames

Oakley True Digital™: The Complete Package Oakley branded frame and lenses – a synergy of technology that provides the ultimate in performance. Oakley True Digital utilizes our custom database to digitally tailor lenses to the specific frame and individual Rx, resulting in the best vision possible.

Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses

You wear them for style. You wear them for necessity. But if your prescription lenses are made for indoors, wearing them for sun will leave you squinting. Why not have the best sun lenses custom made to your prescription? Just go to the nearest Oakley Authorized Optical Account and ask for the best. The Oakley logo on our Plutonite lens is your guarantee that you have the finest corrective optics anywhere, even under the sun.

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