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Prescription eyewear isn't just about optically correct lenses. The inimitable style and sturdy structure of Oakley prescription glasses live in our innovative frame designs--perhaps most dramatically in the hinges. Oakley TWINSHOCK™ and MONOSHOCK™ hinges combine flex, comfort, fit, and ferocity to create prescription frames as long on technology as they are on style.


In addition to a style that mixes octane and attitude, TWIN SHOCK delivers on the promise of Oakley technology with precision hinges that protect the comfortable fit. The stems are designed to glide back into position even in the event that their opened a bit too far. TWIN SHOCK frames stay comfortable all day because we engineered them with lightweight C-5 alloy, a proprietary blend of five metal compounds, plus one of our first logos in a dimensional design and the pattern from the original bike grip invention on the stems


Speed machines fueled the art of MONO SHOCK, a lightweight frame of Oakley C-5™ alloy. The stem sculptures are a nod to engine intake ports, and we matched them with custom flex hinges. The hinges are so unique, we named the frame after them. You’re looking at the world’s first design to carry titanium MONO SHOCK hinges. It combines mechanical precision with durability and flexibility, so if the stems are opened a bit beyond their normal position, they spring right back.