HDO Defined

These are tests developed by the masterminds at the American National Standards Institute. The shaded area on each pattern is what you would actually see through a non-prescription lens. Drag it around and see for yourself how lenses with HDO® compare to ordinary lenses.

Clarity Test

This test measures how sharp an image appears when viewed through a lens. Images blur as distance increases. With Standard Definition Optics (SDO) in ordinary lenses, the distortion occurs at a much shorter viewing distance.

Refractive Test

This test measures how lenses magnify images and act like prescription lenses not meant for you. SDO lenses can cause magnification that results in visual distortion.

Prism Test

This test measures how lenses bend light and make objects appear shifted from their true position. If the SDO lenses in a frame bend light in different directions, your brain works harder to put the two images together.