Like nothing you’ve ever seen. Like nothing you’ve ever worn.

Five rules define our philosophy of design:

  1. Redefine products by redefining what is physically possible.
    Nothing is impossible — we know that from experience. But new ideas demand new technology, and some are insistent. CAD/CAM engineering lets us experiment and explore.
  2. Reject conventional ideas, and when necessary, reinvent from scratch.
    That means sending out hunter-gatherers to roam the world for inspirations, and locking ourselves in a design bunker until even the raw materials get the science treatment.
  3. Erase the line between form and function by elevating physics to the level of art.
    We think they should fuel each other until they reach a critical mass called innovation.
  4. Transcend performance innovations into solutions for everyday applications.
    By serving the demands of professional athletes, we create innovations that serve all.
  5. Deliver the unexpected.
    That’s what invention is all about. Science and art come together, producing a new formula of performance and style. And, the occasional nasty explosion.
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