Danny Kass

Pro Since 1991
32 Age USA


Danny began his climb into upper echelons of snowboarding at the age of 12, while shredding around the Mid-Atlantic States. In order to increase his boarding time, Kass entered into the Okemo Mountain School where he got to ride some of the better halfpipes and parks in the East. In 2001, Danny made his initial imprints on the sport, with what has become one of the most successful contest streaks in snowboarding: five US Open Championships, seven Winter X Games Medals and two Olympic Silver Medals.

Now that his TV series days (The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo) are behind him, he’s back to filming and hanging out in his teepee (yes, he owns a teepee).


  • 6x U.S. Open Halfpipe Champion
  • 7x Winter X Games Medalist
  • 2x Winter Olympics Halfpipe Silver Medalist


Gnu, Oakley, Grenade Gloves, Nike, Skullcandy


Designing gloves, filming TV shows with Lil Jon and The Dingo, going out in a space suit

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