Eric Koston

Pro Since 1993
40 Age USA


Where does one begin with Eric Koston? Koston will go down as one of the all-time greats in skateboarding. Since turning pro in 1993, he has seemingly done it all; from X Games medals to being recognized as one of the best street skaters around. To this day, he still continues to leave an impact in skateboarding. Always known for being an innovator and influencer within the skateboarding community, Koston continues to grow the culture with his online powerhouse, The Berrics, in partnership with Steve Berra. You might think with all he’s accomplished that he might be unapproachable, but he remains one of the most humble and down-to earth guys around. Koston’s built up enough credibility and respect within the sport that all Eric Koston needs to do these days is continue to be Eric Koston and his fans and fellow skateboarders will continue to adore him.


  • 6x Summer X Games Medalist
  • 2x Tampa Pro Winner
  • 2x Gravity Games Street Winner
  • Featured in the Popular Video Game Series, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"
  • Appeared in nearly two dozen film and television projects


Girl, Nike SB, Oakley, Fourstar, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, The Berrics, Jessup, Skullcandy


Hashtagging, Design and Golf

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