Mike "Hucker" Clark

Pro Since 2010
30 Age USA


Mike “Hucker” Clark is one of those riders with a glaringly obvious natural talent – and a glaringly unique personality. A pro BMX dirt rider, Hucker is also quite the waterman, with a knack and passion for surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and spear fishing. Hailing from Fountain Valley – an area in close proximity to Sheep Hills and the various trails of Orange County – Hucker is a SoCal soul through and through, with his flowing surf-style clearly identifiable in his riding technique. And then there’s the mullet – harking to an OC of decades prior.

Hucker has been riding since the late ‘90s, when he got his first GT. His natural flair on a bike meant that he picked up a number of sponsors in his teens, but it wasn’t until 2010, following a series of solid results – and more in the following years – that established Hucker’s reputation as a “must-see” rider.


  • 3x "Dirt Rider of the Year," Ride BMX NORA Cup Awards
  • 2014 – 1st, Texas Toast Dirt
  • 2014 – 2nd, Vans Kill the Line – France
  • 2013 – 3rd, Texas Toast Dirt
  • 2012 – 2nd, Vans Kill the Line – France
  • 2011 – 3rd, Red Bull Dreamline
  • 2011 – 1st, King of the Hill
  • 2010 – 1st, Hill Slide Jam
  • 2010 – 3rd, Red Bull Stomping Ground – Chicago


Red Bull, DC, Oakley, Sand M Bikes, Skullcandy, Demolition Parts, Epic Ride Shop, Team Soil


Surfing, Skating, Free Diving, Fishing, Flying Remote Control Planes and Helicopters

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