Together we can inspire global action.

World Sight Day

563 million people worldwide suffer from poor vision and lack access to care. The way we see it, we can fix this. All it takes is an eye exam and a pair of glasses.


It’s easy to take for granted that much of our access to the world is through two fragile eyes. Visit to experience a typical day through the eyes of a young, nearsighted girl.


Share a photo on your social channels that expresses why clear vision is important to you beginning with, “The Way I See It, _________” and hashtag #thewayweseeit.

The way we see it, together we can solve the global vision crisis in our lifetime.


Oakley announces commitment to addressing the world vision crisis.


Our world faces big problems:

1.5 billion people live in poverty
894 million people don’t have clean drinking water
868 million people go hungry

And, did you know…

733 million people suffer from vision loss

For more than 75%, an eye exam and a pair of glasses would make their world clear and improve the quality of their lives. 

The. Solution. Exists. And the results are lasting.

With corrected vision, an individual’s independence is restored. Their educational goals become attainable and economic potential reachable. 

What are we doing about it?

Oakley has partnered with OneSight, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to provide access to quality eye care and eyewear to more than 240,000 people each year in underserved communities worldwide. 

Additionally, Oakley employees have teamed up with licensed doctors to provide free eyewear and eye care to people in need through optical clinics. They are serving in locations such as Thailand, Chile, Mexico, South Africa and throughout North America.  Oakley provides pre-training opportunities and pays the salaries of participating employees during their one to two week mission to restore vision.

What’s next?

Check back often for progress and updates as we design solutions, disrupt the issue and inspire you to join the fight.

To learn more about our partner, OneSight, visit

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